Summer sets me aglow. Winter’s stillness calms me to the core. And I love the way spring awakens a sense of adventurous energy within me.

But the way autumn makes me feel, I have a very difficult time describing. My memory kicks into gear around late September, and it’s like everyday I’m not just living in this autumn, but in every autumn since I was a little kid all at once. Needless to say, Fall is my favoritest beyond favorite season. One of my dreams is to experience an East Coast autumn. Luckily, the Santa Ynez Valley shows some breathtaking colors (late November/early December is its peak), but on the Santa Barbara coast we just have too many tropical plants. Still, I notice every damn leaf in this city that does change colors.

Plus, there are always other signs of fall, like Martha Stewart’s October issue of Living, Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter (which, ahem, they best have in stock soon!), and the fact that I have my city back (with the influx of summer tourism in Santa Barbara, by the end of summer I forget that downtown is my home base and not Disneyland).

Anyway, here’s a collage I made to celebrate October– perhaps my favorite month (maybe November is, though).

{1} As sad as I am to put away flip flops and sundresses, Anthropologie‘s pencil skirts, cozy coats, and tall boots make the transition to cooler-weather fashion delightful.

{2} It’s wine harvest in possibly my favorite place in this world– the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, where the native foliage bursts into vibrant hues.

{3} The Santa Barbara coast unfortunately doesn’t get the show of fall colors of our wine country backyard, so we look for the little signs of fall. (photo found here)

{4} Cooler temperatures + squash season = The best soups of the year. My goal of the month is to try this recipe.

{5} It’s not just wine and squash harvest time– October brings plenty of lavender, too. Check out this amazing lavender wedding.

{6} Red, orange, and yellow trees provide an unbelievably gorgeous backdrop for a rustic look. (photo found here)

{7} Stacks of wood get us ready for evenings beside the fireplace. If you’d rather just hang it on your wall, though, go here.

{8} Pumpkin Bread! This has been a family staple since I can remember. Don’t forget to add chocolate chips, though. Check out the recipe.